Do Management Consultants Travel Internationally?

Management Consulting is a profession that is defined by travel, regardless of the company you work for. From Bain to Accenture, from McKinsey to Alvarez & Marsal, consultants can expect to become familiar with acronyms such as LGA, LAX, and ORD. They can also expect to spend enough time in hotels for staff to recognize and greet them by name. There are a few types of international travel that consultants may experience. If you work for regionally focused consulting firms with functional expertise (e.g., environment, tax), your chances of spending significant time in those locations will increase.

IMC USA helps management consultants initiate, expand and maintain their practices through community, professional development and visibility. IMC USA is a founding member of an international federation, the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, made up of 50 countries, 64,000 consultants and 8,200 certified members. You don't need to be a high-performing consultant to influence staffing decisions in your favor. Even the lowest-performing consultants can do this. Companies based in Paris, Texas, also need consultants, but they will most likely not be able to afford the services of large caliber 3 firms.

I know someone at an entry-level level whose customer was meeting requirements from one of their Australian factories, so he traveled there (from the United States).My colleague here at MC has maintained Delta Platinum Medallion and Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite more than 10 years after leaving Bain. If you want to continue to make travel a priority, having the status you earned in consulting is an excellent launching pad from which to continue doing so in style. But even the lowest-performing consultants, most junior-level consultants can influence staffing decisions in their favor. The moment you leave the consultancy is the time you will lose it, unless you plan to keep spending on travel reward credit cards. Hopefully it's not a big enough loss to influence your decision, but it's a factor in the consulting lifestyle that can become addictive, particularly over extended periods of time.

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