Which Industries are Best for Consulting?

The financial services industry is traditionally one of the main users of management consulting. A management consultant is typically hired to solve an operational problem or to improve business efficiency. As an industry, management consulting has been around for a long time and is likely to remain an area of high demand. Graphic design skills can cover a wide range of industries and types of work.

As a graphic designer, you'll want to take the time necessary to develop a portfolio that showcases your work and your range of skills. Video production is a great skill around which to build an independent career. Video content is in high demand for many companies and plays an important role in marketing. According to our database of more than 2000 offers in recent years, these are the main buying consulting firms.

This new field of technical specialization emerged in American universities more than a century ago to support a commercial world that is facing the unprecedented growth of the industrial revolution. Six major consulting sectors: management, strategy, operations, technology, human resources and financial advice frequently overlap and oversee the provision of advisory services to clients in hundreds of different industries and functional areas. As demand for independent consultants increases, there are seven industries that show particularly high growth. If these industries don't apply or appeal to you, don't worry, independent consulting is a fast-growing and high-demand field in and of itself.

As more industries begin to use technologically advanced solutions, IT consultants will become even more important.

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