What Do McKinsey Consultants Really Do?

Consulting is a field that involves gathering information, analyzing data, and making recommendations to clients. Consultants can collect data from customers by conducting interviews, focus groups, surveys, and secondary research. They may also request data from their customers for analysis. Consultants typically work from the customer's site Monday through Thursday and then from the office on Fridays.

Some consulting firms allow consultants to stay in town for the weekend or travel to another city instead of flying back home. Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used analysis tool, but consultants may also use more advanced statistical software such as Tableau, Alteryx, and R.Consulting hours vary depending on the client and project. There is usually a manager who directs the daily work and analysts and consultants who work underneath them. There are courses available that have helped more than 6,000 students from over 13 countries get offers from top consulting firms such as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain.

These consultants can help companies make organizational changes, manage talent, and improve employee learning and development. When presenting to clients, consultants should explain why the company needs help and why the consultant is best suited to help it. Clients may ask follow-up questions or suggest additional ideas or areas that they would like the consulting team to explore. After gathering the necessary information, analyzing the data, and arriving at a recommendation, consultants will create slides to communicate their work. Private equity firms may choose to hire teams on demand rather than changing the structure and talent base of their own organization. This allows other consultants to consult this work to help with future consulting projects in the same sector or on a similar topic.

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