How to answer why should we hire you in a consulting interview?

A good answer to the “why” question from the consulting interview. I've thought about it a lot and there are three main reasons. First, the opportunity to work on really challenging business problems. Secondly, the opportunity to work closely with talented colleagues.

And thirdly, the variety of jobs he does as a consultant. I have 8 years of experience in brand marketing, including 2 with a focus on social media marketing, which are critical to the position. The most important thing is that I have been working in that position for 3 years, which means that I know the position and the GAC on my part. More than 10 years in operations and project management with lots of transferable skills No matter what I do or who I work for, giving 110% is in my nature.

I have the basic knowledge because my program is very well adapted to today's digitized world. In addition, I believe in myself and would never try to be someone else, which, in my opinion, is very rare. The hiring manager is looking for what you can offer the company, not what he can do for you. Focus on your main strengths and qualifications for the position, rather than on what you're looking for for your next position.

This works because: the answer oozes confidence and highlights your conviction to work to achieve what is best for the company. He also explains that he has all the essential skills and experience necessary for this position. You can choose from hundreds of answers, the important thing is to demonstrate what you say with examples based on your experience. In fact, “Why consult? or “Why management consulting? is one of the questions you must answer in ALL of your job interviews.

This will give them another positive sign that you won't be leaving after six months, because moving to Consulting is a thoughtful decision. With this question, your interviewer will test if you understand what consulting is and if you're really interested in a career in consulting. In conclusion, this question is essential for obtaining an offer from consulting firms such as McKinsey, BCG or Bain & Company, and you can't help but have a solid and persuasive answer. To begin with, the first two guiding principles are to demonstrate to the interviewer that you understand what consulting is and that your desire to pursue a career in this field is a thoughtful decision.

You're one of those candidates who “consulting is a profession chosen by default” who haven't done their homework and aren't really interested in consulting. Your answer should be how positive consulting can be for your career and what skills it can bring to the company. My ambition is to one day become a top executive and I believe that consulting is the right career path to achieve that goal. I also consider myself a person who learns very quickly and who works very hard, and I think those are skills you have to have to work in strategic consulting.

Remember that, at the end of the day, the recruiter's job is to hire the most suitable candidate for the position, regardless of personal opinions. Consulting is attractive to me because I know that I will be working on a new project every 3 months on average.

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