What can you do after being a management consultant?

Four career paths to consider after management and corporate strategy consulting. Strategic thinking is in high demand in the business world and is a necessary skill for those seeking to take charge of any company. This option has a number of benefits, especially if you enjoy the work you already do. Entering a corporate position with consulting experience can often allow you to enter a higher level than you might otherwise obtain.

In addition, depending on the company you're joining, you're likely to enjoy a 9-to-5-year lifestyle (as opposed to consulting hours of 9 to 9 hours when the job is finished). Chief of Staff, Business Operations, Strategy. It didn't matter what the role was. Whenever the JD had “more than 2 years of experience in management consulting”, I submitted my application.

I achieved this thanks to the great support of my manager, my peer coach and my human resources business partner. Finally, managers will also spend some time interacting directly with customers, depending on factors such as the level of involvement of the director, the scope of the case, whether the team is on-site or not. Kristina Kang, senior change management consultant, told me what it's really like to work in the field. Consultants try to get the most out of their consultants, and some somehow manage the pressure and others don't.

If you developed a specific skill set during your time as a management consultant, such as managing large scale projects or managing change, becoming an independent consultant can be an excellent option after your experience in a larger company. However, they cannot avoid their main responsibilities, which are managing key contact with customers on a daily basis, managing mid-level managers and keeping partners informed of the progress of the case, including the results of the analyses, milestones and any possible obstacles. Consultants are being sought for these corporate functions because of their capabilities in research, project coordination, analysis and personnel management. Whether it's buying a product or downloading an application or connecting the company with another company's supplier management team.

The partners will also spend some time working directly with the case team, but will rely mainly on a director who directs all the case workflows and manages the rest of the team. Nonprofit organizations will often want your help in areas such as strategy development, international expansion or growth, or project management. As candidates and as hiring managers, we've conducted countless interviews and know the tricks of the trade. However, unlike consulting, BD has a strong relationship management and pipeline component, more akin to a sales role.

For example, a product manager might experiment with a variety of small functions to increase engagement; a data scientist would analyze the data to truly discern the impact of the new functions. I don't build them myself, but rather manage the project and work with the different internal partners and customers. Another difference is that many of the master's programs in management I was looking at are shorter. Management consulting can be a rewarding career, but at some point you may feel like it's time to move on.

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