How become management consultant?

The country's largest management consulting firms include Accenture Consulting, Capgemini Consulting, Deloitte Consulting and PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory. According to BLS employment data, senior executives do practically the same work as management consultants, but from within an organization. Classes in STEM, business, economics and finance will help ensure that recruiters see you as someone who can handle the work of a management consultant when they review your resume. Read on to learn more about the salary expectations and growth potential of management consultants.

You must convince them that you understand what a career in management consulting is like and that you have thought about this transition. As a management consultant, you work with domestic or international clients, either for a management consulting firm (a popular option) or as an independent consultant. MBAs also often allow students to declare concentrations, such as MBAs in management and MBAs in consulting. Use these positions to demonstrate that you managed a project from start to finish and that you created a change by developing something new or solving a problem.

If you're looking for jobs that you can pursue after college, business school, or an advanced degree, you may have heard that management consulting is a highly sought after career. Often, management consultants who work for a consulting firm receive an annual salary and bonuses. The best management consultants are those who have a propensity for strategic thinking and an inclination toward statistical analysis, critical thinking and process improvement. With the appeal of high salaries, travel, a fast-paced environment and the opportunity to land a prestigious management consulting position at any of the three big companies, its appeal is understandable.

Over the course of nearly two decades as a management consultant, I've obviously shared more details than these with the people in my life, but that's how I hear them summarize them when talking to other people. The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (CMC-Global) certified management consultant designation and the certified management consultant credential from IMC USA represent two of the most popular certification options for management consultants. Whether it's because of my own experiences in management consulting or because of the success or lack of it of the people I've worked with or hired, it's very clear that the mentality that one has for this type of work is fundamental.

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