Do Big 4 Consultants Travel a Lot?

Management consulting is a demanding and well-paying profession for those who want to learn a lot about business. It is no surprise that big 4 consultants are expected to always be present and available. But how much do they actually travel? The answer depends on the company and the project. For example, Deloitte follows a traditional travel program from Monday to Thursday, with Fridays usually being quite relaxed.

However, for more intense projects, consultants may have to stay at the customer site until Friday. Some consultants even choose to fly on Sundays, depending on their project and preferences. McKinsey, Accenture, and Oliver Wyman all have a global travel model, meaning that consultants can work anywhere in the world. They also have a staffing model for a single project, meaning that employees are only assigned to one customer at a time.

International travel is likely to be part of the experience, as consultants work regionally as much as possible. In addition to providing consulting services, big 4 firms also help with risk management, asset management, insurance, and more. They have a database of nearly 3000 professional education courses for consultants to consult in their spare time. Since they bill their clients per project rather than per hour worked (like most consulting firms), there may be a work-life balance. So what are consulting firms doing to accommodate the variety of work experiences? Most are cautious about specific plans or proposals, but restructuring the way teams communicate will be key. For decades, companies have instituted flexible work plans that would allow consultants to opt out of traveling and working from home. Many former MBB consultants become Fortune 500 CEOs or Vice Presidents, successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

With the right skills and dedication, big 4 consulting can be an incredibly rewarding career path.

Léo Poitevin
Léo Poitevin

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